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ACS Law Offices, Inc.

Юридическая поддержка. Быстрое оформление документов. Большой выбор иммиграционных программ.


White Summers Caffee & James, LLP (WSCJ) is a premier boutique corporate, technology and international law firm with 18 years of experience.
Можно написать Саймону, если уверены в вашем кейсе (он знает русский язык):

Юристы по визе O-1

Критерии для получения визы O-1



You must document at least three (3) of the following eight (8) criteria, but we recommend to document all applicable criteria. For each bullet point that is applicable to your case, please provide a web link or a scanned copy of the document serving as evidence of your achievement (e.g., a diploma for an award, a copy of the article or a link to an online publication, an invitation to speak at a conference or a link to the online conference program listing you as a speaker, etc.)


1.     Evidence of the receipt of nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence in the field of endeavor;

·        List any prizes, awards or similar recognition you’ve gotten, that are considered competitive in your field:

·        List any awards or similar recognition received by current or past companies that could be directly attributable to your work for the company:


2.     Proof of membership in association in the field which requires outstanding achievements;

·        List and link any instances where you were selected or invited to join a distinguished association based on your original contribution, excellence, national acclaim, or outstanding accomplishment in your field:

·        List and link any affiliations you have with a recognized startup incubator or accelerator:

·        List and link any speaking engagements or presentations at national or international conferences, seminars, or industry events:

·        List and link any instances when you’ve spoken or been invited to lecture at

·        List and link any instances when your company has been competitively selected to participate in an exhibition, pitching or a similar event:


3.     Copies of published materials in professional or major trade journals or major media about the applicant or the applicant’s work;

·        List and link any press/publications/media materials about your current and past companies or products/projects developed/created by your current and past companies:

·        List and link any press/publications/media materials about you in connection to your field of expertise.


4.     Contributions of major significance in the field;

·        List and describe any research, products, innovations, commercial successes, or similar achievements that you have accomplished in the field of your expertise. These contributions will have to be supported by Recommendation Letters (see below) and other evidence in the case:

·        List and link any examples where you are a named inventor on any patents in the US or abroad:

·        List any funding you’ve raised:

·        List any projects for, or history of collaboration with major corporations, government or other well-known institutions:

5.     Proof of participation on panels, or individually, as a judge of the work of others in the field;

·        List and link any examples where you have served as a judge for business/industry competitions or hackathons:

·        List and link any examples where you have served as an advisor/mentor to other companies:

·        List and link any examples where you have served as an editor for journals, professional media or conference publications:

·        List any instances where you’ve provided peer reviews for scientific journals or conference publications:

·        List and link any examples where you have organized industry conferences, seminars, or speaking panels:

·        List any other instances where you were in a position to evaluate, judge and select the work of others in your field (e.g., investing in companies of others, select participants for accelerator programs, etc.)


6.     Copies of articles authored by the applicant;

·        List and link any published papers, articles, or materials you’ve authored:

·        List and link any of your active contributions in the open source community (e.g., GitHub).


7.     Proof of employment in a critical or essential capacity for organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation;

·        List any notable companies or organizations where you’ve been employed in a critical or essential role (e.g., a large corporation, bank, university, non-profit, a successful small or midsize IT company that has worked on important projects; a startup company that has won an award, received funding or gathered publicity, etc.):

·        Explain why your role was critical or essential:

·        Explain why the companies or organizations would be considered to have distinguished reputations.


8.     Proof of high salary or remuneration commanded by the applicant for    services;

·        List and explain in detail any examples where you have commanded or will command a high salary or remuneration (including bonus and equity compensation) relative to others in the same occupation in the same job location:

·        List any substantial equity compensation you’ve earned and the roles for which you’ve earned equity compensation:


9.     Other comparable evidence – please describe any facts which do not fit into the above criteria but which, in your opinion, demonstrate your accomplishments and/or reputation in your field. Provide proof in the form of web links or copies of documents.





Please provide approximately 5-6 potential letter writers from recognized experts in the field of endeavor. Try to include writers who will cover diverse aspects of your extraordinary background. Some examples of potential writers would be:


  • CEOs and founders of distinguished organizations (e.g., well-known companies in your field, successful startups, accelerator programs, industry organizations, conferences, etc.) that detail your achievements and how they are of a major significance in the field;

  • Accelerator programs that accepted your company or used your services as a mentor or judge;

  • Investors who gave or offered you funding;

  • Other prominent investors who can describe, in detail, your achievements in and how such achievements are of a major significance in the field;

  • Academicians in the field of your expertise;

  • Journalists and writers specializing in your field;

  • Other experts in the field you are currently working in.


For each potential letter writer include the following information:

  • Recommender’s Name:

  • Job Title:

  • How does the recommender know you?

  • Subjective or Objective Recommender?

  • Specific aspects of your background that the recommender will cover:


Note: In many cases, the recommenders will ask you to provide a draft of a letter for their review and signature. Please refer to the attached template which you can use to prepare an initial rough draft for each letter. We will rewrite your rough drafts according to the visa requirements, and prepare the final documents which you then send to the recommenders.

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